Uncategorized Local Market Update- October 2023 With the fall season finally upon us, the behavior of the housing market is like the range in outdoor temperatures: somewhere between warm to cool. There’s a lower overall volume of home sales than in recent years, but at the same times buyers are moving quickly and assertively on highly desired properties, despite higher interest […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – September 2023 As summer draws to a close, the local housing market remains somewhat unsettled. This is due to persistently high interest rates that have caused buyers to pause and sellers to hold onto their pandemic-era mortgage rates, as well as low inventory increasing competition for the available listings. Sold home prices in some areas have begun […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – August 2023 The dog days of summer are upon us, and along with stifling heat comes a sluggish market. High interest rates and a dearth of available inventory are driving prices up and slowing sales across the region. One major contributor to the low supply of homes is the phenomenon of homeowners protecting their sweet pandemic-era mortgage […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – July 2023 This summer’s local housing market is seeing low inventory feed higher prices, putting the squeeze on would-be buyers. June is typically the month where home prices reach their apex, and last month was no exception as King and Snohomish counties’ prices neared the peaks seen during the sugar high of the pandemic market. Approximately 80% […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – June 2023 The more frenetic activity of a typical spring real estate market has certainly hit our area, with buyers out in droves looking for homes. What they’ve found, however, is high competition and scant listings. The region’s low housing inventory has been a constraint that has resulted in fewer closed sales than we’ve seen in recent […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – May 2023 As the weather warms, so too does our real estate market, it seems. With dwindling inventory and climbing prices, the housing market is on an upswing, even if it’s a small one. This places sellers back in the driver’s seat, with buyers forced to compete against multiple offers and in the face of higher interest […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – April 2023 Spring has truly arrived in our region, with longer days and blooming cherry blossoms. Along with these harbingers of the season, the pace of the local real estate market has also picked up, indicating that the spring market is finally here. An uptick in new listings and price gains in the last month demonstrates a […]
Uncategorized Local Market Update – March 2023 A recent surge in purchase activity indicates that the early spring real estate market is in full swing in our region. Fluctuating interest rates have caused some buyers to converge on properly-priced listings when rates are down, while potential sellers have been hesitant to let go of the historically low mortgages they have on their […]
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